Golf Courses at Plantation Golf and Country Club

We photographed the two golf courses at Plantation Golf and Country Club…the Panther Course and the Bobcat Course. We spent an entire day on each course. The challenge was to decide where to start on each course to get the best lighting and blue background sky. And even with 18 holes per course, we met the challenge! Here are some shots we took.

Business Portraits / Executive Headshots

A properly posed and lighted Business Portrait / Executive Headshot is a small amount to pay for the payback you receive in return. It tells the outside world that you are in business and you want their business. It is your digital handshake. It is the first impression the prospective client sees of you. Make that first impression count.

We see a lot of good Business Portraits and, well, some not so good. The key to having a powerful and positive Business Portrait is by having it photographed by a professional photographer. At Turner Photography, we create the look that is perfect for you. The posing is the statement you want to make. That statement can be confidence, inviting or a combination of both. Proper lighting and correct exposure are the vital factors to getting attention from the viewer. And getting their attention is exactly what you want to do.

After you have selected the image or images you want, we go to work for you again. Basic touchup is included with your purchase. We remove facial blemishes, eyeglass glare and stray hair. We also add other special touches to enhance, but never change, your look. We finalize the editing process with smooth clothing lines.

Don’t sell yourself short with selfies and improperly lighted images. Make it count. Invest in yourself with a polished and current Business Portrait / Executive Headshot from Turner Photography. You will be glad that you did!

You can fix that in Photoshop, right?

We can’t tell you how many times we have heard this over the years. Professional photographers have a love/hate relationship with Photoshop. Photoshop can fix a number of things, but those things take time. And time is money.

With proper lighting and camera settings, the photographer shoots the image correctly from the camera. Then, when necessary, they enhance the image in Photoshop. Maybe the sky needed to be saturated to make the blue in the sky pop. Shadows may need to be lightened in the background to bring out the details. Proper Photoshop techniques can turn an ordinary image into an extraordinary image. That is enhancing the image, not changing it.

The same applies to people. We have all seen images on magazine covers and stock photos that are so obviously manipulated they don’t look real. With all of our prints, basic touchup is included. Basic touchup is limited to the removal of eyeglass glare, facial blemishes or scars, stray hair, straightening clothing lines and some other minor work requested by our clients. The point is that your portrait should still look like you. When we apply Photoshop to a person, they don’t know what was done. All they know is they like the way they look in their portraits. That is when Photoshop is done right!

Three Steps for Engaging Blogs

Any marketer worth their weight in gold will tell you that regular blogging is important. However, how you approach your blogs and how you frame your posts makes a difference between a yawning reader and a receptive client. Here are some tips we have used in our blogs.

Call to Action
End your blog strong. A call to action telling your readers what to do next is imperative. This will encourage your readers to read more. Common calls to action are requesting your readers to share your post on social media or to comment with their opinion. Provide tools with each blog to encourage interaction. You will grow your following through social shares and gain more opportunities through inquiries from your website.

Use Your Words
A good rule of thumb is a post that contains 80% text and 20% images. Tell a story with your post. Use your own words and let your personality shine through. A blog we created was clothing suggestions for indoor and outdoor photography sessions. This creates an interest with the readers as it relates to what we do and how it affects them.

Focus on the Future
Talk about something that you plan to do with your business. It may be a new direction for the company, a new location or another location. What you are doing with your business is significant to your clients. They trust you by coming back to you. So in return, let them in on what is happening with you.

Happy Blogging and be feel free to share this blog!

Street Photography

What is street photography? Street photography is photography that features the human condition within public places and does not necessitate the presence of a street or even the urban environment. The subject if the photograph might be absent of people and can be an object or environment where the image projects a decidedly human character facsimile or aesthetic.

Framing and timing are key aspects with the objective if creating decisive and poignant images. The objective is to capture emotion, architecture and daily events and sometimes historic events to be used to display as fine art. There is no specific subject matter. It is only the issue of life in general. There are no props or lighting. There is no time for selecting and changing lenses. There is only a split second to recognize and react to a happening.

What we love about street photography is that it is real. People are not posed. We are telling a story or showing others how other people live and work. The best examples of street photography are the images that were captured for Life Magazine. Think about all the images you saw on the cover and inside. The most memorable image is the photograph by Alfred Eisenstaedt that portrayed the sailor kissing the nurse on V-J Day in Times Square. Was this the most composed and perfect picture? No it wasn’t. But what this image represents is the joy of two young people in a momentary kiss celebrating the end if WWII. The poignancy of this image is all that matters. Yes, this picture documented history. But more importantly, the image captured raw emotion as it took place.

We are no Alfred Eisenstaedt, but we want to share some scenes of street photography that we captured of life and notable images from places we have visited.

Savannah, GA

Savannah, GA

Savannah, GA

Nashville, TN

Nashville, TN

Nashville, TN

Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh, PA

2014 Year in Review

Turner Photography had a great year in 2014 photographing a lot of events and portraits. We want to take this moment to share that with you. Click the image below to open the slideshow. From beach portraits to beach weddings, from Paws for the Cause to the Barbeque Bash to the Chalk Festival, from Business Portraits to Family Portraits, all is here in our slideshow. In addition, we photographed the cities of Venice, FL, Sarasota, FL, Pittsburgh, PA and Savannah, GA. Please enjoy our slideshow of 2014 Year in Review!

The Value of Digital Files

When a digital camera takes an exposure, the imaging chip records the amount of light that hits each pixel. This is recorded as a voltage level. The camera’s analog to digital circuitry then changes this analog voltage signal into a digital representation.

The cameras we use at Turner Photography are programmed to save this information into raw files. Raw files are tagged with contrast and saturation information as set in the camera by the user, but the actual image data has not been changed. The user is free to change settings based on a per-image evaluation rather than use one or two generalized settings for all images taken. The most important reason to shoot with raw files is that raw files have 65,536 brightness level available per image. A JPG file’s 8 bit space has 256 brightness levels available.

After each session, we manipulate our raw files for the maximum amount of exposure and saturation. Because the white balance (temperature of the files) is not firmly set, this can be adjusted as well during the editing of the images. This task is completed with each file taken from our cameras after your session is over.

We then convert the raw files to .JPG files (digital images). During this conversion, the digital files have the same amount of data and file manipulations as the original raw files. Plus the digital files have custom white balance applied to each image. Most of these changes are done with the camera during the session and then tweaked during editing of the images.

Raw files are the modern version of negatives during the film era. And the digital files converted from the raw files can easily be considered the same. From these .digital files, your portraits are created. Since the portrait is created from the digital file, the value of the digital file carries the same value.

The Pianos of Sarasota

Several pianos have been placed throughout downtown Sarasota, FL. It was our pleasure to walk the streets to explore the ones that were on display and take photographs of them. Each colorfully painted street piano is hosted by a Sarasota business. The business puts them out during the day and brings them in at night. On each piano is a sign that says, “GO AHEAD…PLAY ME. These pianos are here for you to play, explore, and most importantly, enjoy!” Please enjoy our images of the pianos of Sarasota!

Clothing Suggestions for your Photography Session

When scheduling photography sessions, one of the items we discuss is clothing. The clothing you select is important to the overall look of your portrait. To make your portrait stand out, your clothing selection and background should coordinate. Everyone should be wearing the same color tops and bottoms, or colored tops that are in the same family of colors with little variation. Select solid color tops. Avoid stripes, plaids, designs and logos.

By following these suggestions, the most prominent feature in your portrait will be YOU!

Beach Portraits – Light Color Combinations
For beach portraits, the best combination is white tops and khaki pants. Yes, this is what you see in almost every beach portrait. The reason is that it looks the best. Another suggestion is all white tops and bottoms or white tops and jeans. White dresses look great on young girls or babies. For the ladies, long skirts provide a classy look. Cover as much skin as possible. Short or long sleeve shirts are the best choice. If anyone is wearing a belt, it too should be the same color as the pants, skirt or dress. If the belt is not light, it is best to not wear one.

Park Portraits– Dark Color Combinations
For park portraits, you should select mid to dark color tones. Suggestions include jeans or khaki pants with black, navy, red or burgundy tops. Another idea is to wear tops that are in the same family such as dark greens and browns. If wearing a family of color, try to keep the difference in the colors at a minimum. Belts and shoes need to be dark as well.

Studio Portraits
When scheduling studio portraits, we match the background to the type of clothing you chose to wear for your session. Our white background blends well with light colors. Our black, dark brown or dark multi blue is perfect with darker colors.

Five Fun Facts about Turner Photography and its Owners!

Turner Photography is a premier provider of portrait photography in Venice, FL.  Although well known throughout the community, here are five fun facts about us and our studio:

  • In the film days, Darrell Williams processed negatives in a dark room.
  • Donna Williams started her work in photography working as a photographer’s assistant.
  • The Turner Photography logo is Maggie Turner’s signature.
  • Turner Photography was founded in 1985.
  • Turner Photography went digital in 2005.

Turner Photography was founded on the premise of providing top quality photography services and products.  It was the goal in 1985 and continues to be the same objective today.  Please feel free to visit our studio located in historic downtown Venice!