Business Portrait Compositions

At times, we are commissioned to create a Business Portrait of all the employees of a company. We photograph each employee individually. We then clip each subject to a transparent background. We assemble each person paying close attention that the heights are correct. That is the trickiest part! Once all the employees are assembled, we create different backgrounds. The following images are several different backgrounds. Our clients liked the last one. It was our favorite as well.

White Background

Dark Gray Background

Gray Background

Gray Gradient Background

The client liked the last image. We did too. We also darkened the tops of the feet of two of the ladies. Needless to say, our client was very happy!

Business Portrait Session – Different Backgrounds

With digital photography comes the power of clipping a subject out from the image and placing them on another background. When we photograph our clients, we use a basic light gray backdrop. We can go with that color, or clip out the client and place them against another color. This offers our clients a variety of backgrounds they can use. For Charleen with Compass Property Management, we clipped her out and placed on six different backgrounds. Which one do you like the best?

Business Portrait Session

Our Business Portrait Sessions are completed on location. We bring studio lighting and our full frame camera to our clients’ business. Our clients really like this as this saves them time away from work. In other words, we bring the studio to you!

Business Portraits / Executive Head Shots

It seems we see more and more business profile images that are not as professional as they should be. Some of the ones that come to mind are selfies, dark sunglasses, family pet used instead of the person, a group of people rather than a single person and an image from an event. We have seen images that are too dark, too light and blurry. And even worse…no image at all! If it is a personal image, that is one thing. But for business, that is a completely different matter. Your business portrait image should be professional, yet friendly enough to get attention. Your prospective client will look you up on the Internet most times even before they contact you. Make it matter!

In post-production, we add our basic touchup to give your image a final polish. But also here, we can change stripes or objects on the clothes for a more uniform look. We can also change the background to a solid, gradient or scenic backdrop that compliments your profession. Here are some examples of our Business Portraits:

Engaging and Professional

Sassy or Sweet

Clothing Correction

Background Change

Double Image

Business Portraits

If you are in business, you should have a properly photographed business portrait. It will advance your career. It gives your potential client an opportunity to connect with you even before they have met you. It is your first impression. It states you are in business.

And just as important, this should not be something you do on your own. Selfies, sunglasses, trees, buildings and cars in the background, blurry and bad exposure do not portray a proper business image. Put yourself on the other side and think of what that prospective client may think. Lately we have noticed some profile photos with people looking down. That may be fine for an artistic style portrait or personal online applications, but it is not the case for business. That potential client wants to see you. They want to look into your eyes. A bad executive headshot is far more expensive than a good one. The time and investment you make goes a long way.

At Turner Photography, we will photograph you with the proper lighting and exposure. You will be posed correctly. Your selected image(s) will also receive basic retouch to make you look your best. It is our business to make you look good in yours!

Your business portrait should portray your profession. It can be formal or business casual. You can incorporate something of what you do for a living. The bottom line is that everyone does not have to look the same.

The following are some examples of several different styles of business portraits.

Business Formal

Business Casual

The serious “Steve Jobs” look

Incorporate your profession

Husband and Wife team

The office staff

Business Portrait Sessions

Your Business Portrait is quite often the first impression a prospective client sees of you. It is not only on your business cards but also your website and other online applications. And that is where most people look first before they contact you. That is why it is imperative you have an image that conveys professionalism and makes them want to do business with you. Your session includes a selected pose saved in both high and low resolutions along with a Copyright Release. Basic touchup is included with your purchase. At Turner Photography…it is our business to make you look good in yours!

Business Portraits

Your Business Portrait should be updated every three to five years for it to remain current for your clients. At our studio at Turner Photography, we use basic backdrops to make you stand out in your portrait. During your pre-consultation, we discuss clothing options that are best for the image you want to project to your clients. Your selected pose includes a high resolution image you can use for any printed material. You also receive a low resolution image for any online application. Each image is saved in color and black and white. To schedule your next Business Portrait, contact our studio at 941.488.7300.

Business Portraits / Executive Headshots

At Turner Photography, it is our business to make you look good in your business. Your business portrait should be current, polished and professional. It is your “digital handshake” and, quite often, is the first impression your prospective client sees before they meet you. The message your business portrait should display is “I am a trusted professional, and I want your business”. With a variety of backdrops, we will create an image that you will be proud to display on your website, business card, brochure, etc. Your selected image is saved in color and black/white in both high and low resolution. You also receive a Copyright License granting you permission to use your images for any online or printed business purpose.

Business Portraits

In this modern digital age, the image that is displayed on your website is the first view of you that your prospective client sees. That image should be recent, polished and professional. At Turner Photography, it is our job to make you look your very best whether it is online or in print. We have a variety of backdrops to coordinate with your business attire. Your selected image includes any necessary retouching and is burned to a CD in a high resolution format in color and black/white and in a low resolution format in color and black/white. You will also receive a Copyright Release granting you reproduction and online permission for any business purpose.

Business Portraits

Your business portrait is the first impression you make before your client meets you face to face. It is important that your business portrait is professional and current. The “Rule of Thumb” is that you should get a new business portrait every three to four years. Although business portraits are primarily headshots, they can also be three-quarter or full length poses as well. Individual portraits are scheduled in our studio, and group sessions can be arranged at your place of business. Your session includes a disc with your selected pose saved as color and black and white high resolution files and the same in low resolution files. Also included is a Copyright License granting you complete publications rights to use any of the images for the purpose of your business. Some suggestions include but are not limited to your website, business cards, brochures, press releases, newspaper, magazine advertisements and social media. Contact Turner Photography at 941.488.7300 or email us at to schedule your business portrait session.