Cartersville and Euharlee, GA

Just slightly north of Atlanta on Interstate 75, is Cartersville, GA. Cartersville is a convenient vacation destination that is one of Georgia’s gems. Downtown Cartersville is known for charming boutiques and memorable local restaurants. On our visit, we photographed the beautiful southern charm of a courthouse and a train traveling by. On the other side of the train tracks is the historic area of town. There we had a great lunch at Mellow Mushroom. Mellow Mushroom is a well-known pizza chain that originated in Atlanta.

Just west of Cartersville is Euharlee and the slower pace of the 1800s. The town is home to many original buildings and the infamous Euharlee Covered Bridge. It was a delightful trip and one in which we were privileged to be there to photograph.

Details Matter!

When photographing Real Estate Sessions, there are times when details of certain items catch our eye. It could be an enticing entrance, a beautifully designed table in the foyer, custom window treatments, etc. Adding these items to images of the rooms, creates interest. And if these items will be sold with property, it is very important to add these details so the Buyers know what is included with the sale. Along with beautiful interior and exterior images, details matter as well!

Trace’s Senior Portrait Session!

We photographed Trace’s Senior Portrait Session at the Train Station. In Venice, we have a unique opportunity to photograph people on the train tracks because it is a disjointed section that does not connect to any form of train transportation. Therefore, there is no danger to our clients or us. Beside the track, there are a number of interesting places that present a lot of photography opportunities including a caboose. The wheels of the caboose provided a unique background for this handsome high school senior. Trace’s Mom also added a Cap and Gown Session to complete the order. And then we imposed one of the Cap and Gown images to Trace’s cell phone image. Mom and Trace loved it!

Best wishes to Trace. We know he will do well.

Family Portrait Session at the Beach

Family Portraits taken at the Beach is the most popular location for our clients. The blue sky and white sand provides an amazing background for family photography sessions. During the pre-session consultation, we discuss the various family groupings for the session. We offer our suggestions and then ask them if there is any other grouping they would like to be photographed. The results are happy Clients as they place their order!

Corvettes of Venice Club Car Show – Downtown Venice, FL

Each year in downtown Venice, the Corvettes of Venice Club hosts a car show for other Corvette Clubs from other parts of Florida. In the morning, the car owners spend a lot of time detailing their cars to get them ready for the judging later in the day. From the gazebo, a DJ is playing oldies and car songs, perfect for this type of event. Vendors are also there selling food and various products. The Venice residents took advantage of the nice weather to stroll around and see Corvette models ranging from the 50’s to 2018.

Business Portrait Compositions

At times, we are commissioned to create a Business Portrait of all the employees of a company. We photograph each employee individually. We then clip each subject to a transparent background. We assemble each person paying close attention that the heights are correct. That is the trickiest part! Once all the employees are assembled, we create different backgrounds. The following images are several different backgrounds. Our clients liked the last one. It was our favorite as well.

White Background

Dark Gray Background

Gray Background

Gray Gradient Background

The client liked the last image. We did too. We also darkened the tops of the feet of two of the ladies. Needless to say, our client was very happy!

Thomas Jefferson’s Home – Monticello

Last fall, we took a trip to Virginia. While there we toured Thomas Jefferson’s beautiful home, Monticello. Our tour guide was so knowledgeable. We learned a lot about Thomas Jefferson and how life was at that time. Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello was run like a small town. He had slaves who worked on the land and in the house. They grew the food, made the meals, made their clothes, etc. They did it all at Monticello. The ironic thing that was mentioned in our tour is that Jefferson was remembered as a man who did not believe in slavery. Yet, he had slaves. It is also rumored he had fathered six children with one of his slaves, Sally Hemings. Thomas Jefferson was born on April 13, 1743 in Shadwell, VA. He died in his bed in Monticello on July 4, 1826. He was a draftsman of the Declaration of Independence and also served as the third President of the United States. While we were not allowed to take pictures inside, we took several outside!

Front View of Monticello

View of the Blue Ridge Mountains

Front area of Monticello and Blue Ridge Mountains

Kitchen Table and Hearth

Very Large Garden

Beautiful Flowers in Bloom

Side View of Monticello

Back view of Monticello

Thomas Jefferson