Business Portraits / Executive Head Shots

It seems we see more and more business profile images that are not as professional as they should be. Some of the ones that come to mind are selfies, dark sunglasses, family pet used instead of the person, a group of people rather than a single person and an image from an event. We have seen images that are too dark, too light and blurry. And even worse…no image at all! If it is a personal image, that is one thing. But for business, that is a completely different matter. Your business portrait image should be professional, yet friendly enough to get attention. Your prospective client will look you up on the Internet most times even before they contact you. Make it matter!

In post-production, we add our basic touchup to give your image a final polish. But also here, we can change stripes or objects on the clothes for a more uniform look. We can also change the background to a solid, gradient or scenic backdrop that compliments your profession. Here are some examples of our Business Portraits:

Engaging and Professional

Sassy or Sweet

Clothing Correction

Background Change

Double Image

The Value of Professional Real Estate Photography

We live in a visual world. And real estate listings are part of that visual world. Looking through large MLS books and driving by was the way homebuyers use to scope out homes for sale. However, in today’s world, it is the Internet that captures the buyers’ attention. That is why professional images are essential to selling a home. It takes about two seconds to capture a visitor’s interest and keep them on your page. If the images are dark or blurry and not captured correctly, the interest can be gone quickly. One of the reasons a home does not sell well are images that do not do the home justice.

With our full frame camera and full frame wide angle lens, we capture stunning high definition images with proper lighting to catch every detail. The walls are straight with large prospective angles of the rooms. These factors keep the buyers’ attention on your listing. In addition, we promote your listing or home on our Social Media platforms to give you additional exposure.

Whether you are listing a property or selling it yourself, professional images are a small investment that result in dollars back to you. Regardless of the value of the home, we will create images to capture the homebuyers’ attention.

Here are some examples of regular photography compared to the images we create:

Real Estate Photography for Home Rentals

In addition to providing real estate photography for homes for sale, we also provide the same for homes for rent. We photographed the outside and inside of the spacious ranch home in Rotunda Florida. The session includes 25 high definition images for online applications and Copyright Release.

Beautiful landscaping provides excellent curb appeal to the house. Although it is a little older home, the large spacious rooms and open floor plan give it a modern feel. Notice the vaulted ceilings and shelving that displays the owner’s decorations. The master bedroom had a queen bed with palm tree comforter, just perfect for any Florida bedroom. From the master bedroom, there are French doors to the lanai. A soak tub flanked by cabinets and mirrors on both sides was the focal point of the master bathroom. The generous sized kitchen has plenty of cabinets. The close-up shot displays the beautiful granite countertop and unique backsplash upgrades in the kitchen. This house had three guest bedrooms, one of which opens up to the lanai. The over-sized lanai and pool is perfect for parties and family events. The lot backs up to a canal and boat dock.

This is a perfect home for any family. And it they have a boat…all the better!

Kyle’s Senior Portraits

Kyle’s mother selected the “I Gotta Have It” Senior Portrait Session for Kyle. The “I Gotta Have It’ session includes a studio session and an outdoor session. We started Kyle’s session in our studio and then headed to the beach for the outdoor portion. It was a pleasure photographing Kyle. He is a wonderful young man with a bright future ahead of him!

We are Family

With a family Beach Portrait Session, water, sand and sun provides an amazing background. Most often we arrange for a beach walk with your family or individual family groups. We assemble back on the sand in an area that incorporates sea grass, sand and sea. While there, we will photograph different individual groups that can include many variations. If you planned on a sunset finale, we add that in the end of your session. With our outdoor studio light, you receive outdoor portraits with indoor studio quality. Whether you live in the area or are here on vacation, consider having a Beach Portrait Session. It is a unique way to portray your family in a portrait!