Chalk Festival

The Chalk Festival originated in Sarasota, FL. This year, it was moved to Venice, FL. The theme of this year’s Chalk Festival was Extinct and Endangered Species. It was held November 10 – 17, 2014. Artists from around the world artistically created their works in a parking lot by the Venice Airport, in a parking lot by the Venice Art Center and on Miami Avenue. We had the pleasure of watching them create their works directly across our studio which overlooks the parking lot by the Art Center. Please enjoy some of the images we enjoyed capturing with our camera.

The Value of Digital Files

When a digital camera takes an exposure, the imaging chip records the amount of light that hits each pixel. This is recorded as a voltage level. The camera’s analog to digital circuitry then changes this analog voltage signal into a digital representation.

The cameras we use at Turner Photography are programmed to save this information into raw files. Raw files are tagged with contrast and saturation information as set in the camera by the user, but the actual image data has not been changed. The user is free to change settings based on a per-image evaluation rather than use one or two generalized settings for all images taken. The most important reason to shoot with raw files is that raw files have 65,536 brightness level available per image. A JPG file’s 8 bit space has 256 brightness levels available.

After each session, we manipulate our raw files for the maximum amount of exposure and saturation. Because the white balance (temperature of the files) is not firmly set, this can be adjusted as well during the editing of the images. This task is completed with each file taken from our cameras after your session is over.

We then convert the raw files to .JPG files (digital images). During this conversion, the digital files have the same amount of data and file manipulations as the original raw files. Plus the digital files have custom white balance applied to each image. Most of these changes are done with the camera during the session and then tweaked during editing of the images.

Raw files are the modern version of negatives during the film era. And the digital files converted from the raw files can easily be considered the same. From these .digital files, your portraits are created. Since the portrait is created from the digital file, the value of the digital file carries the same value.

Business Portraits

If you are in business, you should have a properly photographed business portrait. It will advance your career. It gives your potential client an opportunity to connect with you even before they have met you. It is your first impression. It states you are in business.

And just as important, this should not be something you do on your own. Selfies, sunglasses, trees, buildings and cars in the background, blurry and bad exposure do not portray a proper business image. Put yourself on the other side and think of what that prospective client may think. Lately we have noticed some profile photos with people looking down. That may be fine for an artistic style portrait or personal online applications, but it is not the case for business. That potential client wants to see you. They want to look into your eyes. A bad executive headshot is far more expensive than a good one. The time and investment you make goes a long way.

At Turner Photography, we will photograph you with the proper lighting and exposure. You will be posed correctly. Your selected image(s) will also receive basic retouch to make you look your best. It is our business to make you look good in yours!

Your business portrait should portray your profession. It can be formal or business casual. You can incorporate something of what you do for a living. The bottom line is that everyone does not have to look the same.

The following are some examples of several different styles of business portraits.

Business Formal

Business Casual

The serious “Steve Jobs” look

Incorporate your profession

Husband and Wife team

The office staff

Pet Stars from Paws for the Cause

These are some of the animals from our event, Paws for the Cause. The pet owners received a free photography session and a 4 x 6 digital image in return for a donation of pet food. The pet food went to the Suncoast Humane Society. Periodically, we will feature some of the other pets in future blogs.

The Pianos of Sarasota

Several pianos have been placed throughout downtown Sarasota, FL. It was our pleasure to walk the streets to explore the ones that were on display and take photographs of them. Each colorfully painted street piano is hosted by a Sarasota business. The business puts them out during the day and brings them in at night. On each piano is a sign that says, “GO AHEAD…PLAY ME. These pianos are here for you to play, explore, and most importantly, enjoy!” Please enjoy our images of the pianos of Sarasota!

Business Portrait Sessions

Your Business Portrait is quite often the first impression a prospective client sees of you. It is not only on your business cards but also your website and other online applications. And that is where most people look first before they contact you. That is why it is imperative you have an image that conveys professionalism and makes them want to do business with you. Your session includes a selected pose saved in both high and low resolutions along with a Copyright Release. Basic touchup is included with your purchase. At Turner Photography…it is our business to make you look good in yours!

Clothing Suggestions for your Photography Session

When scheduling photography sessions, one of the items we discuss is clothing. The clothing you select is important to the overall look of your portrait. To make your portrait stand out, your clothing selection and background should coordinate. Everyone should be wearing the same color tops and bottoms, or colored tops that are in the same family of colors with little variation. Select solid color tops. Avoid stripes, plaids, designs and logos.

By following these suggestions, the most prominent feature in your portrait will be YOU!

Beach Portraits – Light Color Combinations
For beach portraits, the best combination is white tops and khaki pants. Yes, this is what you see in almost every beach portrait. The reason is that it looks the best. Another suggestion is all white tops and bottoms or white tops and jeans. White dresses look great on young girls or babies. For the ladies, long skirts provide a classy look. Cover as much skin as possible. Short or long sleeve shirts are the best choice. If anyone is wearing a belt, it too should be the same color as the pants, skirt or dress. If the belt is not light, it is best to not wear one.

Park Portraits– Dark Color Combinations
For park portraits, you should select mid to dark color tones. Suggestions include jeans or khaki pants with black, navy, red or burgundy tops. Another idea is to wear tops that are in the same family such as dark greens and browns. If wearing a family of color, try to keep the difference in the colors at a minimum. Belts and shoes need to be dark as well.

Studio Portraits
When scheduling studio portraits, we match the background to the type of clothing you chose to wear for your session. Our white background blends well with light colors. Our black, dark brown or dark multi blue is perfect with darker colors.

Turner Photography Senior – Victoria

Senior Portraits can be taken at our studio, but can also be taken outside around the Venice area. For Victoria’s Senior Portrait Session, we selected the old train station. We had access to some great backdrops for Victoria that included the train station, the tracks and a caboose. It is important that high school seniors display their individuality. What makes them unique is what we capture in their senior portraits!