Media Got Social!

Facebook…Twitter…YouTube…Google+…Pinterest…Instagram…LinkedIn.  Who in this digital world has not heard of these sites?  Through our computers, smart phones and tablets we post, tweet, pin and share news, images, latest events, opinions, information and videos.  It is how we interact.  And that is just on a personal level.

In the business world, Social Media is playing an increasingly important role in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and it will be even more so in 2014.  With the growing amount of smart phones and tablets, Social Media’s mobile reach is increasing on a daily basis.  It has progressively become the way we reach clients, and how our clients reach us.

Here are some interesting facts about Social Media (posted on 11-6-13)


  • Facebook has 1.15 billion total users
  • 751 million users access Facebook from 7,000 different mobile devices
  • 350 million photos are uploaded daily on Facebook


  • Twitter has 500 million total users
  • Twitter’s fastest growing demographics is 55 to 64 year olds
  • On an average, 400 million tweets are sent every day


  • Google+ has 343 million active users
  • Google+ is becoming an increasingly significant role in SEO ranking
  • This platform has over 67% active male users


  • There are 230 million users
  • 50% of LinkedIn users have a Bachelor or Graduate Degree
  • LinkedIn endorsements total over 1 billion


  • There are 130 million users
  • More than 16 billion photos have been uploaded, and every second 8,000 users like a photo
  • Instagram gets 1,000 comments per second


  • Pinterest has 70 million total users
  • More than 69% of the users are females
  • 80% of Pinterest’s pins are re-pins

More interesting facts…

  • There are over 1 billion unique monthly visitors on YouTube
  • 4.2 billion people use a mobile device to access a media site
  • Social Media generates almost double the marketing leads of tradeshows, telemarketing or daily mail

At Turner Photography, we embrace the world of Social Media!  We welcome you to post on our Facebook page, tweet us on Twitter, join our circle on Google+, link with us on LinkedIn, watch one of our videos on YouTube and pin one our pins on Pinterest.  And if you see one our photos on Instagram, feel free to like and share it!

We Are Family

Family Portraits taken on location can include the beach, a park, your backyard, etc. This family chose the beautiful and scenic Venice Golf and Country Club. There are many beautiful places around Venice and Sarasota, Florida where outdoor portrait sessions can be taken. We always have suggestions, and we welcome yours as well!

The Qualifications of a Professional Photographer

The Qualifications of a Professional Photographer

Prior to the Internet, people used the telephone book to find a professional photographer.  Now with the Internet, you have access to so much information.  You can find an answer to a question, research recipes; look for a home, a car, a computer, etc.  And on the Internet, you can search for a professional photographer.  While you are in this search, how do you know you found a professional photographer?

You may think, well they have a website or a blog where they have posted a lot of pictures.  They have a professional, black camera.  They charge money for their services.  While professional photographers do this, there is more to it than just that.  In essence, anyone can have a website or blog.  And having a black, professional camera does not make you a photographer any more than owning a set of pots and pans makes you a chef.

So what are the qualifications of a professional photographer?  Here are some:

  • They are registered as a business in their home state.  These categories are a Corporation, LLC, Partnership or Sole Proprietor.
  • They collect and pay sales tax.  It is the law.
  • They pay annual local taxes to their community.
  • They are recognized in their community as a business.
  • They make their living and provide for their family with their photography.
  • They pay income tax from the money they earn from photography.
  • They belong to professional photography organizations.
  • They attend conventions, seminars and classes that specialize in various types of photography.
  • They are devoted to photography; it is their sole profession.

As portrait photographers, we have a thorough knowledge of the key aspects of what is necessary to create a portrait.  These include posing, lighting, correct exposure, white balance and how to properly meter the subject.  We are familiar with dealing with all types of people.  We attain business knowledge and computer skills.  The portraits we provide are printed at professional labs that stand behind their product.

At Turner Photography, we are dedicated to our profession and are 100% committed to YOU, our clients.

The Copyright Act – What is it and what does it mean?

There is a subject that we want to address in this month’s Blog. The ease of downloading and sharing on the Internet has recently become a concern with the literature, music and photography industries –just to name a few. We hope this Blog will explain the Copyright Act. Enacted in 1976, this government law was created for the protection of writers, musicians, photographers, graphic artists, choreographers, and the makers of television, motion pictures and sound recordings.

For photographers, The Copyright Act provides protection to the creator of the photograph affording the creator the exclusive right to create, produce, distribute and display their images What this means is that under the Copyright Act, the rights to the images taken by the photographer are the property of the photographer, not the purchaser. This includes prints and digital images.

When digital images are included with certain Collections, the purchaser receives a Copyright Release granting them the right to print the images for their personal use. It further states the digital images are not to be copied, sold, conveyed to another party, posted online or used as an entry in a photography contest without written permission by Turner Photography. Doing so is a violation of Federal Law. Quite simply, it is Copyright Infringement.

Upon request, Turner Photography may provide digital images to be used on Facebook or other social media formats. These images are sized for online purposes and will include the studio’s logo. It is the policy of Turner Photography that all images that are displayed online must include the studio’s logo. This policy is enacted for the protection of our studio as well as our clients. Removal or alteration of the studio logo is a violation of the Copyright Act and is considered Copyright Infringement.

With Business, Modeling and Acting Sessions, it is understood that the purchaser receives high and low resolution digital images and has paid for the right to use these images for any printed or online business purpose. A Copyright Release stating this permission is included with the CD they receive.

In closing, all images created by Turner Photography are © Turner Photography under the protection and jurisdiction of U.S. Copyright Laws. Turner Photography retains the copyright and moral rights to all prints and digital images.

Turner Photography Seniors – Bradley and Terry

At Turner Photography, we encourage high school seniors to bring items to their session that express their individuality and what is important to them. Their images portray what sets them apart from others and reflect their originality. We work with your child to produce unique senior portraits you both will love. You also have the option to have the school photographer take their formal pictures for the yearbook, and we do the rest. Or we can do it all and provide you with an image to submit for the yearbook. Don’t let anyone tell you differently…you DO have a choice!

The following are some samples of Bradley and Terry’s awesome senior portraits!

We Are Family

We are highlighting a family who scheduled a studio session and a beach portrait session. Ashley and Jason had a great time having their beautiful daughter photographed alone and with them. They also took some time to have some romantic shots of them as well. Family Portraits are a treasure whether taken in our studio or at the beach. This is a moment in time you will remember always!

Business Portraits / Executive Headshots

At Turner Photography, it is our business to make you look good in your business. Your business portrait should be current, polished and professional. It is your “digital handshake” and, quite often, is the first impression your prospective client sees before they meet you. The message your business portrait should display is “I am a trusted professional, and I want your business”. With a variety of backdrops, we will create an image that you will be proud to display on your website, business card, brochure, etc. Your selected image is saved in color and black/white in both high and low resolution. You also receive a Copyright License granting you permission to use your images for any online or printed business purpose.

Senior Rep – Cheyenne

Here is a look at our Senior Rep, Cheyenne. Cheyenne was delightful to work with and a natural in front of the camera. To show off her sapphire blue dress, we used a black backdrop to achieve a dramatic look. The brown backdrop accented her cute black dress, and high key is always a “go-to” with our Seniors. We then went to a park by our studio to finish the session. As a Senior Rep, Cheyenne received a free “Rock Star” session. If you are or know a junior in high school who would like to be selected as a Senior Rep, click here for more information. And click here to view details of our Senior Portrait Sessions.

The Other Wedding Photographers

We want to talk about the “other wedding photographer”, and we don’t mean our fellow photographers. We are referring to wedding guests.

When you select us to photograph your wedding, you are paying us to capture every important moment of your special day. However in today’s world, most people are prepared to take pictures using cameras, phones and tablets. Your precious spontaneous moments and posed images can be jeopardized by these “other wedding photographers”. The following are some examples.

During beach weddings, we quite often see wedding guests get out of their seat to stand behind the couple to take pictures. They usually pick the time the couple is facing each other telling their vows to each other or kissing after being pronounced husband and wife. They are directly across from our cameras and quite often get in the shot. As the couple is happily walking down the aisle after they are married, wedding guests have cameras, phone and tablets in hand blocking precious views we are paid to capture. When we are photographing the couple with family members and the bridal party, wedding guests are standing beside us snapping their shots. No matter how many times we tell everyone to look only at us, eyes are quite often diverted to the “other wedding photographers”.

These precious moments cannot be taken again. There are no “do overs” in a wedding. And once that moment is lost, it is lost forever. Wedding guests who are so occupied with trying to photograph you are not enjoying the wedding. And isn’t that why you invited them in the first place? We understand your wedding guests will want to take some pictures for themselves. All we are suggesting is that they are not obstructing what we are paid to do for you, and what you are expecting to see from us.


Give Mom the timeless gift of a portrait of you and her for Mother’s Day. For $50 your Mom receives:

  • A FREE photography session in our studio
  • One 8 x 10 Portrait
  • Personalized phone app with four of your images you can show, email and share on Facebook and Twitter

Contact our studio at 941.488.7300 to schedule an appointment for you and your Mom. Space is limited so don’t delay. Offer ends April 30, 2013