Turner Photography Gift Certificate

Looking for a great idea for a holiday, birthday, anniversary, wedding present, etc.? We have the perfect solution. Give them a Turner Photography gift certificate. This is a gift that keeps on giving. Every time they look at their portrait, they will think of you and the special gift you presented to them. Turner Photography gift certificates can be any amount. And, if you want us to mail your gift certificate to the recipient, we would be happy to do so. You can purchase them at our studio or by contacting us by phone or email. For details, please call our studio at 941.488.7300 or email us at dwilliams@turnerflorida.com.

Business Portraits

Your business portrait is the first impression you make before your client meets you face to face. It is important that your business portrait is professional and current. The “Rule of Thumb” is that you should get a new business portrait every three to four years. Although business portraits are primarily headshots, they can also be three-quarter or full length poses as well. Individual portraits are scheduled in our studio, and group sessions can be arranged at your place of business. Your session includes a disc with your selected pose saved as color and black and white high resolution files and the same in low resolution files. Also included is a Copyright License granting you complete publications rights to use any of the images for the purpose of your business. Some suggestions include but are not limited to your website, business cards, brochures, press releases, newspaper, magazine advertisements and social media. Contact Turner Photography at 941.488.7300 or email us at dwilliams@turnerflorida.com to schedule your business portrait session.

NASA Space Center

Recently we visited the NASA Space Center in Merritt Island, Florida. It was amazing how much there was to do and see at the space center. We watched a 3D film that showed the development of the Hubble Telescope and the enormity of what can be seen by this majestic technology device. Our bus tour took us past the NASA Office Complex and several of the launch pads. Never seeing a launch in person, I assumed it was done at the same launch pad, but there is more than one! The highlight of the trip was viewing an Apollo spacecraft. The size of the rocket boosters and height of this spacecraft is amazing. Also on display were the Lunar Module and the Space Rover. Before leaving we watched a simulation of man landing on the Moon. The trip to the NASA Space Center was far better than expected, and we would like to return when they get one of the Shuttles! Please enjoy some of the shots I took of this trip.

Beautiful Beaches

Our beautiful Florida beaches are a magnificent backdrop for family portraits. The white sand, blue skies and turquoise water compliments any family setting. We were extremely lucky with the sky in this shoot. The clouds were magnificent. We could not have asked for a better day! A beach portrait is a wonderful way to display your family portrait. For more details, contact us by phone at 941.488.7300 or by email at dwilliams@turnerflorida.com.

Epiphany Cathedral Church and Oaks Country Club

Kallie and Curt were married in the beautiful Epiphany Cathedral Church in Venice, FL, and their reception was held at the picturesque Oaks Country Club in Osprey. Our bride was absolutely stunning, and our groom could not get his eyes off of her. Before the reception, I utilized the picture perfect scenery that surrounds the Oaks Country Club to capture some amazing shots of the couple. It was a pleasure working for this lovable and fun loving couple. Congratulations to Kallie and Curt!

Elizabeth Taylor’s Senior Portrait Session

Elizabeth Taylor of Venice High School is one of our Senior Ambassadors. For Elizabeth’s senior portrait session, her outfits included a formal dress, the classic black drape and some great street clothes for those casual shots. Her session also included some shots taken outside of our studio. Elizabeth was a lot of fun, and her beautiful smile shined throughout all her lovely photographs.

Our Senior Ambassador Program is a great way to earn cash and get some great bargains for your senior portraits. Each Ambassador receives $15 for each booking they referred to us, and a bonus of $100 when they send ten bookings. They also receive a discount on their portrait package. If you are a student in Sarasota County and are interested in a fun way to earn some money, please contact our studio at 941.488.7300 or email us at dwilliams@turnerflorida.com for details.

Shelly and Brian Engagement Session

Shelly and Brian hired us for their wedding photographs and engagement portrait session. We met with Shelly and Brian at the South Lido Park. This park has an abundant of trees that are perfect backdrops for these two special lovebirds! I also took some fun shots of them on the swings and on the gym set. Afterwards, we headed to Lido Beach for some romantic shots taken on the rocks that overlook the Gulf of Mexico. Shelly and Brian were a delight to work with. We can’t wait to photography them on their wedding this November at the Lake Club at Lakewood Ranch.

When booked with a wedding package, engagement sessions are discounted 15%!

We Are Family

Turner Photography provides family portrait sessions in our studio or on location. Some location areas include the beach, a park and your home or backyard. Although your family portrait can be taken anytime, some suggestions include the time when your children are young or when one is going to college, when your family expands because your children are married or have children of their own, or when you or your parents are celebrating a milestone anniversary. A beautiful portrait displayed proudly on your wall commemorates the day that you all posed for your portrait and will bring back the memories of that day each time you look at it. Schedule your next family portrait by contacting our studio at 941.488.7300 or emailing us at dwilliams@turnerflorida.com.

Christina and Travis

We had the pleasure of photographing Christina and Travis’ wedding and engagement session. For their location, the couple selected a scenic park that outlines the Sarasota Bay and Gulf of Mexico. This park is a favorite place for joggers, dog walkers and those enjoying a quiet stroll along a sidewalk that borders the Sarasota city skyline, yachts, water and a fountain with dolphin statues. Christina and Travis were a great couple to work with. They chose several outfits from casual to dressy for their engagement photos. Their engagement shots included that perfect mix of romantic and fun!

Blue Ridge Mountains

In a recent visit to North Carolina, I captured the beauty that surrounds the Blue Ridge Mountains. I feel a sense of peace when I am surrounded by these majestic mountains that are truly a blue color when you see them in the distance. While there we stayed at the Azalea Inn in Blowing Rock, NC. The Azalea Inn was a quaint old fashioned style motel that had an abundance of foliage and flowers surrounding the property. We also included an adventure of seeking obscure and tucked away waterfalls to photograph. Some of the trails were a bit treacherous, but the reward of seeing a majestic waterfall deep in the forest was well worth it!