Two Second Rule in Real Estate Photography

The Two Second Rule to Create the Best First Impression

We live in a visual world. You have approximately two seconds to get the interest of a prospective homebuyer. With blurry and dark images, you lost those two seconds. If homebuyers are not sold on the images that they see online, chances are they will move on. Good images convey positive emotion associated with the home. Without quality, eye-catching images, the battle is lost before it begins.

First impressions seem to matter most when it comes to dating, job interviews and real-estate listings. And that first impression of the images of the home you are listing or selling may make a difference between a prospective sale or a click to another listing.

Quality Real Estate Photography is based on lighting, angles and post-production. With our full-frame camera and full-frame wide angle lens, we create stunning, high definition images. Using our wide angle lens, we create the best angle to display a large, prospective view of each room. That is what attracts homebuyers. With proper lighting, the images are more appealing as they reveal details to make the listing even more attractive. And last, our images are edited in post-production for striking visual impact.

For Realtors, you know it is not just about the listing. It is about the sale. Let us help you make your listing stand out in the crowd to attract potential buyers to get the sale. The best way to do that is to set yourself apart from your competition with professional images.

For Sellers, you need to attract the right buyer and as many of those buyers that you can. Professional images will do that for you. This is the most cost-effective way to accomplish that. Hiring a Professional Photographer is less expensive than lowering the price of your home.

The biggest difference between hiring a professional photographer and taking the pictures yourself is the fact that we know how to make something that appears ordinary look spectacular. We understand how the correct angle of the image can make a space appear bigger and more prominent. We realize how sizes and colors of objects impact a photograph. These factors, combined with countless hours photographing images are how we take the best possible images to attract a buyer’s attention.

As Professional Photographers, we have a trained eye for what to capture and how to capture it!