Makeover Magic Session

Take a normal business portrait session to a new level with a Makeover Magic Session.  Movie Stars do it.  Models do it.  Now you can too!

A Makeover Magic Session is a coordination of a headshot session with a makeup and hair appointment completed at our home studio.  Arrive to our home studio with a clean face and your hair freshly shampooed and dried as you normally wear it.  Our talented Salon Artist expertly applies makeup and styles your hair.  The men can have it done as well.  There is less involved with gentlemen, but the outcome is certainly worth it.  After the makeover, we photograph the results!

When you are done, you will feel confident and relaxed as you step in front of our camera because you KNOW how good you look.  And when you feel good about yourself, it shows in your images.  We see it immediately in the camera.  And you will too!

Following the photography session, you select the image(s) you want to purchase.  In post-production we will edit your image(s) to remove facial blemishes or eyeglass glare, whiten teeth, remove minor wrinkles and straighten clothing lines.

The images below show each Client before they were photographed and the results after the makeover and additional Photoshop editing.  As you can see, the results are amazing!

Click here to view our portfolio of Makeover Magic Session samples.

When you schedule your Headshot Session, pamper yourself with an image you will love to show off. Our Makeover Magic Sessions are the team work that makes the dream work!