Family Portrait Session at the Beach

Family Portraits taken at the Beach is the most popular location for our clients. The blue sky and white sand provides an amazing background for family photography sessions. During the pre-session consultation, we discuss the various family groupings for the session. We offer our suggestions and then ask them if there is any other grouping they would like to be photographed. The results are happy Clients as they place their order!

Family Portrait Session in the Park

Most of our clients chose to have her family portraits done at the beach.  And while the beach is an awesome setting, a park is a great place as well.  With a park setting, you have trees and foliage as your backdrop.  Clothing colors should also conform.  While lighter clothing is preferred for the beach, darker clothing, jeans, brown, blues or green tones are a great compliment in a park setting.  If you are looking for something different, consider being photographed at the park!

Family Beach Portrait Session

There is something very special about a family portrait. It commemorates a time when all family members are together. A Beach Portrait Session captures that special moment with a beautiful background of sun, sea and sand. During your pre-session consultation, we get information about your family and what style of photography interests you the most. We combine our artistry with your style!

We are Family

With a family Beach Portrait Session, water, sand and sun provides an amazing background. Most often we arrange for a beach walk with your family or individual family groups. We assemble back on the sand in an area that incorporates sea grass, sand and sea. While there, we will photograph different individual groups that can include many variations. If you planned on a sunset finale, we add that in the end of your session. With our outdoor studio light, you receive outdoor portraits with indoor studio quality. Whether you live in the area or are here on vacation, consider having a Beach Portrait Session. It is a unique way to portray your family in a portrait!

We are Family

One of most fun we have in our studio or on location is photographing families. The reason is that we can photograph a few or several different generations in one sitting. After we take several different poses of the family, we will pose individual groups. The children are always fun. And we take a lot of fun shots of the kids. One of our favorite poses is the generation shot from Grandparents down to Grandchildren and sometimes Great Grandchildren. If you haven’t had a recent family portrait taken, contact our studio. We promise you will have a good time!

We Are Family

Family Portraits taken on location can include the beach, a park, your backyard, etc. This family chose the beautiful and scenic Venice Golf and Country Club. There are many beautiful places around Venice and Sarasota, Florida where outdoor portrait sessions can be taken. We always have suggestions, and we welcome yours as well!

We Are Family

We are highlighting a family who scheduled a studio session and a beach portrait session. Ashley and Jason had a great time having their beautiful daughter photographed alone and with them. They also took some time to have some romantic shots of them as well. Family Portraits are a treasure whether taken in our studio or at the beach. This is a moment in time you will remember always!

Beach Portraits

Beach Portraits are a fun and unique way to capture the family portrait. Feel free to add the family dog. After all, they are part of the family…right? These relaxing sessions include you, the sun, sand and sea. And no shoes are required!

We are Family

We photograph a lot of beach portraits, which we feel are the ultimate setting for a family portrait taken in Florida. But if you had a beach portrait in the past and want to do something different, consider a park setting for your next family portrait. In a park setting you have trees, grass and, depending on the location, a lake as your background. These images were taken at a park in Sarasota. There is also a very scenic park by our studio that we use. And last, but never least, you can use the outside of your home. How convenient is that? Prior to your session, we discuss items such as clothing, hair, poses, etc. to ensure you receive the best results for your portraits. For more information or to schedule your next portrait session, contact us at 941.488.7300 or

We are Family

Looking for a casual setting for your next family portrait? Consider having Turner Photography capture your family moments at the beach. The sessions are informal, and our clients have a lot of fun. You wear casual clothes and no shoes are required! You can request all daylight or daylight and sunset shots. Prior to your session, we discuss items such as clothing, hair, poses, etc. to ensure you receive the best results for your portraits. For more information or to schedule your beach portrait session, contact us at 941.488.7300 or See you at the beach!