Trace’s Senior Portrait Session!

We photographed Trace’s Senior Portrait Session at the Train Station. In Venice, we have a unique opportunity to photograph people on the train tracks because it is a disjointed section that does not connect to any form of train transportation. Therefore, there is no danger to our clients or us. Beside the track, there are a number of interesting places that present a lot of photography opportunities including a caboose. The wheels of the caboose provided a unique background for this handsome high school senior. Trace’s Mom also added a Cap and Gown Session to complete the order. And then we imposed one of the Cap and Gown images to Trace’s cell phone image. Mom and Trace loved it!

Best wishes to Trace. We know he will do well.

Brittany’s Senior Portrait Session!

With her bubbly personality, Brittany was so much fun to photograph. We photographed her in several outfit changes including her golf outfit that she wore when she played golf for Venice High School. And she also brought her favorite driver to complete the look! After which we went outside to a local park to finish the session. When we book Senior Sessions, we find out what each senior’s interests are. We then incorporate that in their session. After all, it is all about them!

Courtney’s Senior Portrait Session

Courtney chose the beach as the outdoor location for her Senior Portrait Session. A lot of today’s high school seniors select outdoor sessions. With beach sessions, there are the elements of sand, blue sky and water. We pose the seniors in a few different locations on the beach. This gives them a slightly different background for their poses. We finish the session with a sunset finale. For these reasons, it is clearly evident why the beach is the preferred location choice for today’s high school seniors

Senior Portrait Session for Three!

We received a call from a Mom, with two High School Seniors, who wanted to schedule their Senior Portrait Session at the beach. After we got everything set up, she later contacted us to ask if we can add one more girl to the session. The additional senior was a friend of the two girls. Of course, we said yes to all three. The girls changed clothes while the other ones were getting photographed, so it worked out quite well. Then to make things even better, we had a great sunset for the end of the session. All three of these young ladies were a pleasure to photograph.

Kyle’s Senior Portraits

Kyle’s mother selected the “I Gotta Have It” Senior Portrait Session for Kyle. The “I Gotta Have It’ session includes a studio session and an outdoor session. We started Kyle’s session in our studio and then headed to the beach for the outdoor portion. It was a pleasure photographing Kyle. He is a wonderful young man with a bright future ahead of him!

Emily’s Senior Portraits

Emily’s fresh looks simply glowed in her senior portraits. And when she smiled, her smile lit up the room. As every person is different, every session is different. And it is that uniqueness in each session that makes our job interesting. High School Seniors are easy to work with. They enjoy the props and happily embrace the poses we suggest. Emily was no exception. She was a delight!

Turner Photography Senior – Victoria

Senior Portraits can be taken at our studio, but can also be taken outside around the Venice area. For Victoria’s Senior Portrait Session, we selected the old train station. We had access to some great backdrops for Victoria that included the train station, the tracks and a caboose. It is important that high school seniors display their individuality. What makes them unique is what we capture in their senior portraits!

Turner Photography Seniors – Bradley and Terry

At Turner Photography, we encourage high school seniors to bring items to their session that express their individuality and what is important to them. Their images portray what sets them apart from others and reflect their originality. We work with your child to produce unique senior portraits you both will love. You also have the option to have the school photographer take their formal pictures for the yearbook, and we do the rest. Or we can do it all and provide you with an image to submit for the yearbook. Don’t let anyone tell you differently…you DO have a choice!

The following are some samples of Bradley and Terry’s awesome senior portraits!

Senior Rep – Cheyenne

Here is a look at our Senior Rep, Cheyenne. Cheyenne was delightful to work with and a natural in front of the camera. To show off her sapphire blue dress, we used a black backdrop to achieve a dramatic look. The brown backdrop accented her cute black dress, and high key is always a “go-to” with our Seniors. We then went to a park by our studio to finish the session. As a Senior Rep, Cheyenne received a free “Rock Star” session. If you are or know a junior in high school who would like to be selected as a Senior Rep, click here for more information. And click here to view details of our Senior Portrait Sessions.

Jessica’s Senior Portrait Session

Each senior is unique. Each senior is different. Each senior has something that is special and important to them. This senior is a dancer who loves her dog. We incorporated shots of Jessica with her dancing shoes and some with her cute dog. By adding items that are important to the student, such as school uniforms, sports equipment, musical instruments and yes, even the family cat or dog, the student’s photographs are personal, interesting and all about them. Because at Turner Photography….it is all about you!