The Value of Professional Real Estate Photography

We live in a visual world. And real estate listings are part of that visual world. Looking through large MLS books and driving by was the way homebuyers use to scope out homes for sale. However, in today’s world, it is the Internet that captures the buyers’ attention. That is why professional images are essential to selling a home. It takes about two seconds to capture a visitor’s interest and keep them on your page. If the images are dark or blurry and not captured correctly, the interest can be gone quickly. One of the reasons a home does not sell well are images that do not do the home justice.

With our full frame camera and full frame wide angle lens, we capture stunning high definition images with proper lighting to catch every detail. The walls are straight with large prospective angles of the rooms. These factors keep the buyers’ attention on your listing. In addition, we promote your listing or home on our Social Media platforms to give you additional exposure.

Whether you are listing a property or selling it yourself, professional images are a small investment that result in dollars back to you. Regardless of the value of the home, we will create images to capture the homebuyers’ attention.

Here are some examples of regular photography compared to the images we create: