Business Portraits / Executive Head Shots

It seems we see more and more business profile images that are not as professional as they should be. Some of the ones that come to mind are selfies, dark sunglasses, family pet used instead of the person, a group of people rather than a single person and an image from an event. We have seen images that are too dark, too light and blurry. And even worse…no image at all! If it is a personal image, that is one thing. But for business, that is a completely different matter. Your business portrait image should be professional, yet friendly enough to get attention. Your prospective client will look you up on the Internet most times even before they contact you. Make it matter!

In post-production, we add our basic touchup to give your image a final polish. But also here, we can change stripes or objects on the clothes for a more uniform look. We can also change the background to a solid, gradient or scenic backdrop that compliments your profession. Here are some examples of our Business Portraits:

Engaging and Professional

Sassy or Sweet

Clothing Correction

Background Change

Double Image