Business Portraits / Executive Headshots

A properly posed and lighted Business Portrait / Executive Headshot is a small amount to pay for the payback you receive in return. It tells the outside world that you are in business and you want their business. It is your digital handshake. It is the first impression the prospective client sees of you. Make that first impression count.

We see a lot of good Business Portraits and, well, some not so good. The key to having a powerful and positive Business Portrait is by having it photographed by a professional photographer. At Turner Photography, we create the look that is perfect for you. The posing is the statement you want to make. That statement can be confidence, inviting or a combination of both. Proper lighting and correct exposure are the vital factors to getting attention from the viewer. And getting their attention is exactly what you want to do.

After you have selected the image or images you want, we go to work for you again. Basic touchup is included with your purchase. We remove facial blemishes, eyeglass glare and stray hair. We also add other special touches to enhance, but never change, your look. We finalize the editing process with smooth clothing lines.

Don’t sell yourself short with selfies and improperly lighted images. Make it count. Invest in yourself with a polished and current Business Portrait / Executive Headshot from Turner Photography. You will be glad that you did!

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