You can fix that in Photoshop, right?

We can’t tell you how many times we have heard this over the years. Professional photographers have a love/hate relationship with Photoshop. Photoshop can fix a number of things, but those things take time. And time is money.

With proper lighting and camera settings, the photographer shoots the image correctly from the camera. Then, when necessary, they enhance the image in Photoshop. Maybe the sky needed to be saturated to make the blue in the sky pop. Shadows may need to be lightened in the background to bring out the details. Proper Photoshop techniques can turn an ordinary image into an extraordinary image. That is enhancing the image, not changing it.

The same applies to people. We have all seen images on magazine covers and stock photos that are so obviously manipulated they don’t look real. With all of our prints, basic touchup is included. Basic touchup is limited to the removal of eyeglass glare, facial blemishes or scars, stray hair, straightening clothing lines and some other minor work requested by our clients. The point is that your portrait should still look like you. When we apply Photoshop to a person, they don’t know what was done. All they know is they like the way they look in their portraits. That is when Photoshop is done right!

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