Three Steps for Engaging Blogs

Any marketer worth their weight in gold will tell you that regular blogging is important. However, how you approach your blogs and how you frame your posts makes a difference between a yawning reader and a receptive client. Here are some tips we have used in our blogs.

Call to Action
End your blog strong. A call to action telling your readers what to do next is imperative. This will encourage your readers to read more. Common calls to action are requesting your readers to share your post on social media or to comment with their opinion. Provide tools with each blog to encourage interaction. You will grow your following through social shares and gain more opportunities through inquiries from your website.

Use Your Words
A good rule of thumb is a post that contains 80% text and 20% images. Tell a story with your post. Use your own words and let your personality shine through. A blog we created was clothing suggestions for indoor and outdoor photography sessions. This creates an interest with the readers as it relates to what we do and how it affects them.

Focus on the Future
Talk about something that you plan to do with your business. It may be a new direction for the company, a new location or another location. What you are doing with your business is significant to your clients. They trust you by coming back to you. So in return, let them in on what is happening with you.

Happy Blogging and be feel free to share this blog!