Five Fun Facts about Turner Photography and its Owners!

Turner Photography is a premier provider of portrait photography in Venice, FL.  Although well known throughout the community, here are five fun facts about us and our studio:

  • In the film days, Darrell Williams processed negatives in a dark room.
  • Donna Williams started her work in photography working as a photographer’s assistant.
  • The Turner Photography logo is Maggie Turner’s signature.
  • Turner Photography was founded in 1985.
  • Turner Photography went digital in 2005.

Turner Photography was founded on the premise of providing top quality photography services and products.  It was the goal in 1985 and continues to be the same objective today.  Please feel free to visit our studio located in historic downtown Venice!

Music and Images and How it Affects Us

Music is an integral part of our life. It can make you happy or sad. It can calm your nerves or make you want to jump up and dance. We listen to music in our homes, while driving in our cars, at work and even when working out at the gym. Music triggers a moment from our past and magically transports us to another time in our lives. We listen to our favorite songs from our televisions, radios, computers, tablets and phones.

Images, whether in videos or photographs are moments in time frozen for all eternity. It is a proven fact that when a disaster strikes a home, people will try to save their pictures. Once an image is lost, so is that piece of time. We treasure our images because they represent our past and our present.

A movie soundtrack eternalizes the movie for which it was made. The soundtrack identifies the movie even when it is not the title of the movie. For example, Somewhere Over the Rainbow makes us remember The Wizard of Oz. Moon River takes us to Breakfast at Tiffany’s and there is no other way to describe Harry and Sally than It Had to Be You.

Music paired with images captivates our emotion. They will tug at our heart. That precious memory, whether past or present, has enormous meaning to us. And when it is coupled with a song, the image comes to life. It possesses a sentiment that engages you when you see and hear it. It captures your mind and soul.

The blend of music and images is a timeless tribute to the memories of your life.

Business Portraits

Your Business Portrait should be updated every three to five years for it to remain current for your clients. At our studio at Turner Photography, we use basic backdrops to make you stand out in your portrait. During your pre-consultation, we discuss clothing options that are best for the image you want to project to your clients. Your selected pose includes a high resolution image you can use for any printed material. You also receive a low resolution image for any online application. Each image is saved in color and black and white. To schedule your next Business Portrait, contact our studio at 941.488.7300.