Business Portraits

If you are in business, you should have a properly photographed business portrait. It will advance your career. It gives your potential client an opportunity to connect with you even before they have met you. It is your first impression. It states you are in business.

And just as important, this should not be something you do on your own. Selfies, sunglasses, trees, buildings and cars in the background, blurry and bad exposure do not portray a proper business image. Put yourself on the other side and think of what that prospective client may think. Lately we have noticed some profile photos with people looking down. That may be fine for an artistic style portrait or personal online applications, but it is not the case for business. That potential client wants to see you. They want to look into your eyes. A bad executive headshot is far more expensive than a good one. The time and investment you make goes a long way.

At Turner Photography, we will photograph you with the proper lighting and exposure. You will be posed correctly. Your selected image(s) will also receive basic retouch to make you look your best. It is our business to make you look good in yours!

Your business portrait should portray your profession. It can be formal or business casual. You can incorporate something of what you do for a living. The bottom line is that everyone does not have to look the same.

The following are some examples of several different styles of business portraits.

Business Formal

Business Casual

The serious “Steve Jobs” look

Incorporate your profession

Husband and Wife team

The office staff