Clothing Suggestions for your Photography Session

When scheduling photography sessions, one of the items we discuss is clothing. The clothing you select is important to the overall look of your portrait. To make your portrait stand out, your clothing selection and background should coordinate. Everyone should be wearing the same color tops and bottoms, or colored tops that are in the same family of colors with little variation. Select solid color tops. Avoid stripes, plaids, designs and logos.

By following these suggestions, the most prominent feature in your portrait will be YOU!

Beach Portraits – Light Color Combinations
For beach portraits, the best combination is white tops and khaki pants. Yes, this is what you see in almost every beach portrait. The reason is that it looks the best. Another suggestion is all white tops and bottoms or white tops and jeans. White dresses look great on young girls or babies. For the ladies, long skirts provide a classy look. Cover as much skin as possible. Short or long sleeve shirts are the best choice. If anyone is wearing a belt, it too should be the same color as the pants, skirt or dress. If the belt is not light, it is best to not wear one.

Park Portraits– Dark Color Combinations
For park portraits, you should select mid to dark color tones. Suggestions include jeans or khaki pants with black, navy, red or burgundy tops. Another idea is to wear tops that are in the same family such as dark greens and browns. If wearing a family of color, try to keep the difference in the colors at a minimum. Belts and shoes need to be dark as well.

Studio Portraits
When scheduling studio portraits, we match the background to the type of clothing you chose to wear for your session. Our white background blends well with light colors. Our black, dark brown or dark multi blue is perfect with darker colors.