The Qualifications of a Professional Photographer

The Qualifications of a Professional Photographer

Prior to the Internet, people used the telephone book to find a professional photographer.  Now with the Internet, you have access to so much information.  You can find an answer to a question, research recipes; look for a home, a car, a computer, etc.  And on the Internet, you can search for a professional photographer.  While you are in this search, how do you know you found a professional photographer?

You may think, well they have a website or a blog where they have posted a lot of pictures.  They have a professional, black camera.  They charge money for their services.  While professional photographers do this, there is more to it than just that.  In essence, anyone can have a website or blog.  And having a black, professional camera does not make you a photographer any more than owning a set of pots and pans makes you a chef.

So what are the qualifications of a professional photographer?  Here are some:

  • They are registered as a business in their home state.  These categories are a Corporation, LLC, Partnership or Sole Proprietor.
  • They collect and pay sales tax.  It is the law.
  • They pay annual local taxes to their community.
  • They are recognized in their community as a business.
  • They make their living and provide for their family with their photography.
  • They pay income tax from the money they earn from photography.
  • They belong to professional photography organizations.
  • They attend conventions, seminars and classes that specialize in various types of photography.
  • They are devoted to photography; it is their sole profession.

As portrait photographers, we have a thorough knowledge of the key aspects of what is necessary to create a portrait.  These include posing, lighting, correct exposure, white balance and how to properly meter the subject.  We are familiar with dealing with all types of people.  We attain business knowledge and computer skills.  The portraits we provide are printed at professional labs that stand behind their product.

At Turner Photography, we are dedicated to our profession and are 100% committed to YOU, our clients.

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