The Copyright Act – What is it and what does it mean?

There is a subject that we want to address in this month’s Blog. The ease of downloading and sharing on the Internet has recently become a concern with the literature, music and photography industries –just to name a few. We hope this Blog will explain the Copyright Act. Enacted in 1976, this government law was created for the protection of writers, musicians, photographers, graphic artists, choreographers, and the makers of television, motion pictures and sound recordings.

For photographers, The Copyright Act provides protection to the creator of the photograph affording the creator the exclusive right to create, produce, distribute and display their images What this means is that under the Copyright Act, the rights to the images taken by the photographer are the property of the photographer, not the purchaser. This includes prints and digital images.

When digital images are included with certain Collections, the purchaser receives a Copyright Release granting them the right to print the images for their personal use. It further states the digital images are not to be copied, sold, conveyed to another party, posted online or used as an entry in a photography contest without written permission by Turner Photography. Doing so is a violation of Federal Law. Quite simply, it is Copyright Infringement.

Upon request, Turner Photography may provide digital images to be used on Facebook or other social media formats. These images are sized for online purposes and will include the studio’s logo. It is the policy of Turner Photography that all images that are displayed online must include the studio’s logo. This policy is enacted for the protection of our studio as well as our clients. Removal or alteration of the studio logo is a violation of the Copyright Act and is considered Copyright Infringement.

With Business, Modeling and Acting Sessions, it is understood that the purchaser receives high and low resolution digital images and has paid for the right to use these images for any printed or online business purpose. A Copyright Release stating this permission is included with the CD they receive.

In closing, all images created by Turner Photography are © Turner Photography under the protection and jurisdiction of U.S. Copyright Laws. Turner Photography retains the copyright and moral rights to all prints and digital images.

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