The Other Wedding Photographers

We want to talk about the “other wedding photographer”, and we don’t mean our fellow photographers. We are referring to wedding guests.

When you select us to photograph your wedding, you are paying us to capture every important moment of your special day. However in today’s world, most people are prepared to take pictures using cameras, phones and tablets. Your precious spontaneous moments and posed images can be jeopardized by these “other wedding photographers”. The following are some examples.

During beach weddings, we quite often see wedding guests get out of their seat to stand behind the couple to take pictures. They usually pick the time the couple is facing each other telling their vows to each other or kissing after being pronounced husband and wife. They are directly across from our cameras and quite often get in the shot. As the couple is happily walking down the aisle after they are married, wedding guests have cameras, phone and tablets in hand blocking precious views we are paid to capture. When we are photographing the couple with family members and the bridal party, wedding guests are standing beside us snapping their shots. No matter how many times we tell everyone to look only at us, eyes are quite often diverted to the “other wedding photographers”.

These precious moments cannot be taken again. There are no “do overs” in a wedding. And once that moment is lost, it is lost forever. Wedding guests who are so occupied with trying to photograph you are not enjoying the wedding. And isn’t that why you invited them in the first place? We understand your wedding guests will want to take some pictures for themselves. All we are suggesting is that they are not obstructing what we are paid to do for you, and what you are expecting to see from us.

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