Business Portraits

In this modern digital age, the image that is displayed on your website is the first view of you that your prospective client sees. That image should be recent, polished and professional. At Turner Photography, it is our job to make you look your very best whether it is online or in print. We have a variety of backdrops to coordinate with your business attire. Your selected image includes any necessary retouching and is burned to a CD in a high resolution format in color and black/white and in a low resolution format in color and black/white. You will also receive a Copyright Release granting you reproduction and online permission for any business purpose.

Class of 2012

At Turner Photography, your senior portraits are all about you. Let us capture the uniqueness you possess. What is important to this senior is his love for the outdoors, hunting, his dog and of course his wheels! And what better way to show how much you care for LSU than to own a purple shirt that exemplifies the school’s color. Prior to each session, we send the students a questionnaire that provides us insight about them. Not only does that help us prepare for their session, we can engage in conversations about them and their goals for the future. The sessions are fun and relaxing, and the students feel important because we make it all about them!

Gasparilla Inn and Club in Boca Grande

The Gasparilla Inn and Club in Boca Grande, Florida provides a magnificent backdrop for weddings and receptions. The Inn is reminiscent of old Florida with yellow walls with white trim and hallways that glisten with polished wooden floors. This couple’s choice of venue complimented their wedding style. The bride wore a cathedral veil during the ceremony. For her reception she changed to antique hairpieces she received from her ancestors that she wore in her hair. We had the pleasure of photographing this lovely couple’s engagement session as well. Engagement Sessions are included with some of our Wedding Collections and discounted 20% with the other Collections.

Photography Session in the Park

Turner Photography provides family portrait sessions in our full service studio and on location at a park, the beach or your backyard. These images were taken in a park by our studio. The clothes you select should complement your background. Pastels and white colors are best for the beach. But feel free to go dark in the park! Some suggestions are jeans with black, navy blue, green or brown tops. The colors should be either all the same or the same bottoms with color-coordinated tops. And don’t forget shoe and belt colors. These should be dark as well. At Turner Photography, your session fee includes pre-session consultation which includes a discussion on clothing. By selecting the proper clothing, your portraits look professional, and your faces pop! To schedule your next family session, please contact our studio at 941.488.7300 or emailing us at

Making Your Photographs Interesting

These photographs were taken from a fall trip we took to the scenic Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia and West Virginia. We took many, many photographs of course. But the following ten images are examples of how to transpose an ordinary, well taken photograph into one that may be a bit more interesting! Try a few of these photography ideas, and let us know how your images turned out.

Blue Skies
When taking outdoor shots on a sunny day, capture the blue sky. It makes the clouds and surrounding scenery pop. Hint: shoot opposite of the sun.

Shoot for the Eyes
Get the eyes perfect on an animal, and the fur and feathers will be sharp and in focus. If you get some depth of field on rest of the body, that is okay. The face is the most important.

Follow the Path
When shooting an outdoor scene, have an object in the distance that will take divert the viewer’s eyes to another point in the image. In this image, your eyes go to the Blue Ridge Mountains in the distance.

Color Contrast and Water Reflection
The photo on the left shows a bright contrast with a dark blue sky and the bright red fall leaves on the trees. The photo on the right shows a mirror reflection of the mill in the lake.

Tilt the Camera
Historic buildings are great photo opportunities. And they will look great taken as they are. But let’s make it more interesting. Tilt your camera but don’t overdo it. In this photograph, a slight camera tilt and dramatic sky enhance the image.

Stop and Shoot
Take a scenic drive with your camera. When something interests you, stop and shoot it. In this case, it was the burst of color from the beautiful fall foliage. And always compose the scene in your camera before pressing the shutter.

Think Out of the Box
Not every photograph needs to be a person, scene or animal. Think of something totally different to photograph.

Shoot scenes that depict the holidays. The fall provides many opportunities. If you have children, dress them in fall clothes and put them in a pumpkin patch. It is the photograph Grandparents will love forever!

Roads, rivers, railroad tracks, paths and fences are items that show a perspective view. This also diverts the viewer’s eyes to a destination in the photograph. Want to make it even more interesting? Find an area in which the perspective is not straight, but curved. In this photograph, there are several curves leading the eyes to the trees in the background.

Road Trip
Take a road trip to remote areas. In this photograph, we stumbled upon an old hunting cabin that had been abandoned. Nestled in the woods in an isolated mountain road, this tiny red cabin caught our eyes and the shutter of my camera!

Senior Portraits

At Turner Photography, your Senior Session is all about reality, life and art. Reality – Be yourself. Your session can be casual, fun, funky, silly, etc. We match your portraits with your personality. Life – Include what is important in your life such as sports, musical instruments, cars, skateboards, your favorite pet, school organizations, etc. Art – Your portraits will be classic, creative, bold, different and unique.

At Turner Photography, your senior portrait is all about YOU!

Lauren and David

We photographed Lauren and David’s engagement session as well as their beautiful wedding. For their engagement session, the couple chose the park on Venice Avenue for the first part of their session. The couple looked so cute and in love surrounded by the many Banyan trees and park benches. For the second half, we went to Venice Beach to catch some romantic and playful shots with Lauren and David. When booked with a wedding, engagement sessions are discounted 20%. Contact our studio for details!

Jan and Don

We had fun with Jan and Don catching some great fun, tender and romantic moments with this great couple. This time of the year is a great time for outdoor photography sessions. Mother Nature is more cooperative with less chance of rain and cooler temperatures. Whether your family session is two people or twenty people, contact us for a portrait you will treasure always.