Two Photography Companies Are Better Than One!

A lot of our clients may not know this, but we have another photography company in Sarasota called Always Forever Photography. With this company, all photography is done on location. We primarily photograph weddings and beach portraits. And as gratifying as this is, we always dreamed of owning a studio.

When the opportunity to buy Turner Photography came about, we agreed that purchasing a photography studio that had been in business in the Venice community for 26 years was a wise choice. The founder, Maggie Turner, is well known throughout the community. And for that reason, we decided to maintain the name of Turner Photography. And at the same time our other company, Always Forever Photography, had acquired a great deal of recognition on its own. So we decided to keep both companies and run them separately. By keeping both companies, our range of coverage extends from Anna Maria Island to Port Charlotte.

We keep separate records for each company, and each company has its own website, Facebook and Twitter account. However the pricing is the same for both. It can be a challenge at times. Organization and consistency in our business practices are what keeps the motors running on both of our companies…Turner Photography and Always Forever Photography.

Donna and Darrell Williams
Owners / Photographers

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