NASA Space Center

Recently we visited the NASA Space Center in Merritt Island, Florida. It was amazing how much there was to do and see at the space center. We watched a 3D film that showed the development of the Hubble Telescope and the enormity of what can be seen by this majestic technology device. Our bus tour took us past the NASA Office Complex and several of the launch pads. Never seeing a launch in person, I assumed it was done at the same launch pad, but there is more than one! The highlight of the trip was viewing an Apollo spacecraft. The size of the rocket boosters and height of this spacecraft is amazing. Also on display were the Lunar Module and the Space Rover. Before leaving we watched a simulation of man landing on the Moon. The trip to the NASA Space Center was far better than expected, and we would like to return when they get one of the Shuttles! Please enjoy some of the shots I took of this trip.

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