Business Portraits

Your business portrait is the first impression you make before your client meets you face to face. It is important that your business portrait is professional and current. The “Rule of Thumb” is that you should get a new business portrait every three to four years. Although business portraits are primarily headshots, they can also be three-quarter or full length poses as well. Individual portraits are scheduled in our studio, and group sessions can be arranged at your place of business. Your session includes a disc with your selected pose saved as color and black and white high resolution files and the same in low resolution files. Also included is a Copyright License granting you complete publications rights to use any of the images for the purpose of your business. Some suggestions include but are not limited to your website, business cards, brochures, press releases, newspaper, magazine advertisements and social media. Contact Turner Photography at 941.488.7300 or email us at to schedule your business portrait session.

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